Paracodina sciroppo 12 mg/5 ml

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Paracodina sciroppo 12 mg/5 ml

Paracodina sciroppo 12 mg/5 ml is a drug based on the active ingredient Dihydrocodeine + Benzoic Acidbelonging to the category of Opioid antitussives and specifically opium alkaloids and their derivatives. It is marketed in Italy by the companyTheopharma.

ATC code:  R05DA20

  • Respiratory System
  • Prepare for coughs and colds
  • Antitussives, excluding associations with expectorants
  • Opium alkaloids and its derivatives
  • Associations

Storage temperature – not higher than +25 degreesPharmaceutical form: SYRUPExpiry: 60 MONTHSPackaging: BOTTLE


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