Obeclox LP 60mg Capsule

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Obeclox LP 60mg Capsule

Obeclox LP 60mg Capsule is extended release Obeclox 30 mg Indicated for the treatment of people with a body.

What Are The Benefits Of Obeclox Tablets?

Obeclox tablets can provide the benefits listed below:

  • Appetite suppression: Regulates the anxiety of consuming food in an uncontrolled manner. This makes the individual’s job a little easier. Because for obese people, the hardest thing in most cases is to stop eating. However, your appetite may decrease after using this medicine.
  • Burning fat: This drug gives the individual more energy, causing them to be more proactive in their work. By adding the previous factor, calorie intake increases and the individual loses fat quickly because the lost calories are not filled.
  • Increased metabolism: When you consume less food of good nutritional quality, your metabolism adjusts to your new lifestyle. Because the metabolism is accelerated, the fats in the food are consumed faster and are not allowed to spread throughout the body.
  • Detoxification of the Body: When you lose weight with exercise, you will be able to perform your activities with more energy. In addition, the body expels toxins through sweat.


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