Ifa Norex ap 75 mg (Amfepramona)

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Ifa Norex ap 75 mg

Ifa Norex ap 75 mg is extendedrelease for the treatment of obesity. Weight reduction occurs by suppressing appetite. The active ingredient releases norepinephrine


Monominooxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) and general anesthetics should not be provided together with IFA Norex 50mg; instead, hypoglycemic medications, such as insulin, should be changed.

Patients with thyrotoxicosis, hypersensitivity to sympathomimetic medications or other sympathetic drugs, unstable people or people with a history of psychiatric illness, patients with a history of drug addiction, or those who have a propensity for alcohol abuse should not be given IFA Norex 50mg. Other medications that aid in weight loss include IFA Lose Mazindol, Sibutramine, and Regenon retard. To obtain these medications in a secure manner, contact us.


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