Duromine pills 30mg

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Duromine pills 30mg

Duromine pills 30mg is used to reduce body weight in obese or overweight patients. Your doctor will determine if you are overweight enough to use Duromine. Duromine works by directly affecting the area of the brain that controls your appetite making you feel less hungry.

Duromine 30mg capsules is only available with a doctor’s prescription

Duromine side effects

All drug medications have side effects and it is very common to experience these effects when taking Duromine. The typical side effects that people encounter, such as feeling more awake, are usually short term and will go away after using the drug for a while, or once you stop taking it.

More Common Symptoms; Sense of well-being increased blood pressure Insomnia NervousnessMood swings Irritability

Whilst Duramine will increase weight loss by reducing appetite and increasing metabolism, it has been shown that upon stopping the medication appetite comes back with a vengeance and the metabolic rate falls leading to tiredness and depression.

As phentermine can only be used for a limited amount of time, many of those prescribed it may find that they experience side effects following cessation of the medication. The main symptoms after ceasing the medication are:  Weight Gain and increased appetite. Fatigue. Insomnia. Low Mood.


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