Dilaudid Hydromorphone 8mg

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Dilaudid Hydromorphone 8mg

Dilaudid Hydromorphone 8mg is a potent schedule II opioid analgesic drug indicated for the relief of moderate-to-severe pain. Hydromorphone is marketed under the brand names, Dilaudid and Exalgo.

Street names for Dilaudid

  1. Dust,
  2. Juice,
  3. Dillies,
  4. Smack,
  5. D and Footballs.

Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) Street Price

It is a prescription opioid classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance for its medical use as a painkiller and with high abuse potential.

When hydromorphone is bought on the street, its price will be far greater than when purchased at a pharmacy. Factors that contribute to the price include the formulation of the drug and where it’s being sold.

The price of hydromorphone by dosage:

  • 2 mg pills of hydromorphone: around $5 to $50 on the street
  • 4 mg tablets of hydromorphone: cost anywhere from $5 to $100 per pill
  • 8 mg pills of hydromorphone: cost approximately $20 to $100
  • a single 50 ml dose of Dilaudid may range between $5 to $100

Due to the high price of hydromorphone, a person with a severe addiction to the drug may spend thousands of dollars annually to manage their addiction.


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