Dilaudid 4 mg Yellow P4 pill

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Dilaudid 4 mg pill

Dilaudid 4 mg pill is an opioid medication (powerful pain reliever) that’s used to relieve pain when non-opioid medications don’t provide enough pain relief. Depending on the form, it can be used to control sudden pain quickly or more long-lasting (chronic) pain. Taking hydromorphone (Dilaudid 8mg) for a long period of time can become habit-forming, and people can have bothersome symptoms if the medication is stopped suddenly.

Package insert/product label
Generic name: hydromorphone hydrochloride
Dosage form: oral liquid, tablets
Drug Class: Opioids (narcotic analgesics)

The pill with imprint P 4 is Yellow, Round and has been identified as Dilaudid 4 mg. It is supplied by Purdue Pharma LP. Street names include D’s, Dillies, Big D, M-80s, Peaches, Dust, Juice, Dillies, Smack, D, Footballs

Popular Street Names For Dilaudid

Many drug traffickers use a slang term or nickname based on a typical or noticeable characteristic of the drug to refer to drugs, including Dilaudid.

liquid form Street names for Dilaudid :

  • needle candy
  • hospital heroin
  • juice
  • smack

Street names for Dilaudid (pill form):

  • K4
  • M2
  • M4
  • P2
  • P4

Street names for Dilaudid (suppository form):

  • footballs

Other street names for Dilaudid:

  • dust
  • dillies
  • D
  • hydro




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